Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions (T&Cs)

1. Scope of the General Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions apply to all transactions, contracts and use of L3D.ie between the owner of the L3D.ie online shop and consumers/customers/site users.  Hereafter, the owner(s) of L3D.ie may be referred to as “us”, “we” or “L3D”.  The user of our services / customers may hereafter be referred to as “you”.


2. Recognition and agreement of T&C

By use of L3D.ie website and making transactions on L3D.ie, the user/customer is bound by and agrees to these terms and conditions.  Where T&Cs are not explicitly clear or you are unsure of certain situations, you agree to indemnify us of any obligations, risk or cost, unless we have explicitly stated otherwise in writing.


3. Ordering from L3D.ie

Prices offered at checkout are the legal sales price.  The sales confirmation email concludes the contract of sale and details legal pricing and ordered contents.  We reserve the right to cancel the sale and (if applicable) make a refund to you in lieu of delivering the goods or service, if for any reason (at our discretion) difficulties arise with us delivering the sale to you.  These are our terms to ensure we can continue to run a cost effective store.

Payment for goods or services must be made before shipping of goods or provision of services, unless otherwise agreed in writing by us.

4. Delivery/Shipping Terms

Naturally, we are in a small industry of 3D printing and rely on a strong reputation, so it is certainly not our intention to mislead.  With this in mind, we shall in good faith advise if we are aware of any additional costs or difficulties which you may incur upon us shipping product to you.  Such examples are (but not limited to) custom charges or delays due to custom clearance if you are outside the EU.  Ultimately however, we do not agree to pay any compensation for such costs/difficulties – you indemnify us from this.


5. Cancellation / Return of goods
Under EU Law, ordered goods can be returned within 14 days of receiving the goods, without any reason.   We agree to honor this requirement.  A full refund will be granted, subject to you the consumer meeting the following conditions with respect to the product for return;

  • Product is returned in the condition it was shipped (i.e. used product or product damaged by you is considered void of this 14 days return policy).  This requirement extends within reason to the product packaging.
  • You the consumer pay for all costs involved in shipping the product back to our company or other agreed (agreed by written communication) location.

Upon returning the product to us, we shall inspect the product for condition and determine if the product has been returned in a reasonable (resell-able) state.  Upon us approving that the product meets our returned product requirements as stated, we shall issue you with a full refund for the price of goods returned, including the cost of shipping which you paid to us for shipping those goods.  Note this excludes non-standard (e.g. express) shipping you have specifically requested and/or additional shipping costs that you may have incurred outside of our shipping charges.

5.1 How to cancel a purchase

You must tell us that you want to cancel the purchase. It is not enough to just send the goods back.  Upon emailing us or using our contact form to inform us of the cancellation, we will provide you with a cancellation form which you may use to tell us about the goods you are returning and should you wish to do so, why.

6. Refunds for other reasons

If you have a problem with an item that you have bought from us, naturally it is our obligation to put things right.  We may choose at our discretion to repair, replace or refund the item or service.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of goods or services provided by us, you can return the goods to us.  Before doing so, you must contact us first to make arrangements.  Note we will only honor this within reason – our terms for such returns/refunds are as follows;

  • You must make a written communication with us within 3 days of being aware of the faulty goods or service.
  • You must not have attempted to repair the item yourself or by a third party which we have not expressly agreed to in writing.
  • You must be the person we sold the product to and have evidence / receipt of same.

You have no grounds for redress if

  • You were told about the defect before you bought the item for us – for example, if the goods were marked as “used” or “may have defects”.
  • You examined the item before you bought it and should have seen the defect
  • You or a third party representing you, accepted the delivery and signed for it, even though you should have seen the defect.
  • You bought the item knowing that it wasn’t fit for what you wanted it to do
  • You broke or damaged the product
  • You made a mistake when buying the item (for example, if you bought an item of clothing thinking it was black when it is actually navy)
  • You change your mind (with exception of the 14 days policy covered under EU law).


To contact us about a return, cancellation or defect, you are required to inform us by using the contact form on https://L3D.ie or via email;

Email: noel@L3D.ie


7. General Requirements for Returns and Refunds payment

Should we agree to make a refund to you, the refund will be made via the same payment method as the purchase was made, unless otherwise mutually agreed.

If you qualify for a valid reason of returning goods to us and/or we have agreed to return of goods, you must return the goods to us within 14 days of notifying us of the wish/intent to return.

Refunds will not be made for goods which were customised or tailor-made in any way for you the consumer/customer.

Refunds will not be made for goods which have expired before you used it.  Product which has expired before you received it or is due to expire within 30 days of you receiving it (evidence of same required) will not be refunded.

Refunds will not be made for goods which are packaged with a seal (e.g. bottled fluids) if the product’s seal has been broken.

Full refunds will not be made for partial return of goods placed under the same order.  For example, if multiple items were shipped under the same order, it is reasonable that we would not refund you the shipping costs for that order, if only part of the shipment is returned to us.


8. Terms of Delivery

8.1. Unless otherwise agreed, delivery will be made to the address specified by the customer during the ordering and online order checkout process on L3D.ie.

8.2. The estimated date or leadtime of delivery may be stated on a product page, home page or checkout page.   Where a deviation to this occurs, we will email you to let you know the estimated delivery leadtime/date.

All our leadtime / delivery dates are estimated – should actual delivery deviate from that for any reason, we do not accept any responsibility for issues, difficulties or costs which you or an associated third party may incur due to a delayed delivery.  Should supply or shipment issues arise, we reserve the right to cancel the agreement/order.

8.3. Damaged goods that appear to have been damaged during shipping should not be signed for (where “signed for” refers to you or a third party at your delivery address signing off on receiving the goods in good condition) as accepted in good condition and should be reported to the courier company.


9. Guarantees, liability & disclaimer

9.1. EU regulation for product guarantees apply unless otherwise stated or expressly agreed by us in written communication to you.

9.2. EU regulations (and implementation in Irish law) apply in respect of our obligations as a product merchant.

9.3. In the case of the delivery of used goods, the guarantee claim expires after one year.

9.4.  Where a product guarantee is valid, the customer must make the claim to the manufacturer directly unless otherwise expressly agreed to by us in writing.

9.5. You indemnify us from claims for any damages, in situations where we have not acted with gross negligence or intentional malice to cause you damage.

10. Sever-ability & Contract law

10.1 If any requirement(s) or provision(s) in these terms and conditional is found to be invalid, the validity of the remaining terms and conditions shall remain unaffected.

10.2 Irish law is applied to the legal / contractual relationship between you (or associated third party if applicable) and us.  All legal/contractual communications shall be in the English language.


11. Changes to our Terms & Conditions

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions unilaterally as needed to align with our business or legal requirements.

Upon completion of modified terms and conditions , we will notify you of such modifications to the last known email address you have provided us with.   If we do not hear an objection (via email) from you in writing within 4 weeks of us sending you such an email, the updated terms and conditions from a revised contract between us and you.

Where new purchases have been made after a modified terms and conditions by us, the most recent terms and conditions apply to those purchases.

There may be situations where you have requested us to not hold any data on you or (if applicable) your company.  Additional there may be situations where we don’t normally hold your contact details and/or we have no reasonable way to contact you.  For this reason, if you have an active contract with us (e.g. a recent purchase), we request that you check on our website monthly to check for updated terms.


12. Data Protection

We respect your right to personal and professional data protection.   Our website is set up with the aim to continuously improve our data protection measures including the use of;

  • A reliable and reputable web server / host
  • Secure (https) website
  • Secure payments via a reputable third party payment handler
  • Minimizing the details we keep on customers
  • Not knowingly providing your personal details to any third party