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  • This printer has had a long run of being the most popular entry level printer there is out there.   It’s about as reliable an option you will get within it’s price range and has a huge following on facebook groups and other forums, so if you run into trouble, you’re sure to find somebody who can help you quickly online at any hour of the day or night!
  • This is easily our best seller at!


  • Beginners and intermediate users will love this printer.
  • People who enjoy technical stuff and like the idea of being able to upgrade bits of the printer themselves over time.
  • Note there are larger printers available but for most, the size of this printer is plenty, particularly as larger prints (regardless of printer model) tend to require a lot of skill to master.
  • General 3D printing where the preference is fun and/or material choices, stronger materials etc.
  • This kit is a particularly ideal present for engineers and technical people who like messing with mechanics etc, but it is also a good kit for total novices to the 3D printing world.

Whats included?

This kit includes everything a person should need to get started printing on Day 1 of receiving the printer.

  • 3D printer – The very popular entry level Creality Ender 3

3D Printer Starter Kit

  • 3D printer filament – additional filament so you don’t run out on week 1!

3d filament sample pack

  • Spare nozzle so the fun doesn’t stop if the nozzle get’s blocked

3D printer starter kit

  • Links to all the help files and free software you will need to get up and running, as well as where best to go for support.  (Sent by email after order processed)


  • Email support from the L3D team for any questions or issues you may be having.



  • Two 1kg rolls of PLA (Blue and White)
  • Additional 3 spare nozzles


Is this the right entry level printer for me?

The big difference between entry level 3D printers and the higher end (€2-3k printers) is that they usually require a bit more setup and tweaking to get them working, whereas, if you buy something like the Ultimaker printer, it will normally need very little technical input.   That’s not to say the higher end 3D printers will work 100% perfect every time, because put simply they don’t.  Regardless of the type of 3D printer you buy, it involves a good bit of trial and error particularly in the early days.

Actually I would say it’s much better to start with the entry level printers, as you get a real feel for how the printers operate and you’re less afraid to break them.  And if you do break them, particularly with the likes of the Ender 3, there’s fantastic community support from facebook and youtube for almost any issue you’re having and how to fix it.   I will hand on heart say, that’s part of the fun!

One of the major benefits of the likes of the Creality Ender 3, is that it’s “open source”.  This means that as you get familiar with the printer, you can mess around with making improvements to it and over time, make it highly customized into your very own design of super 3D printer…..and the best bit is you can use your 3D printer to print new parts for the printer itself!  There’s even a community that share suggested improvements and associated 3D print files.  “Open source” can be seen as inferior sometimes, but I would argue the total opposite when it comes to 3D printers below the €1k mark, below this price point, open source has huge advantages.

So in summary – if you have no idea what you’re doing or how to even design a file for printing on a PC, but want to give 3D printing a go, then this 3D printer kit is for you.  On the flip side, if you are an experienced person with design software, engineering background etc, but you don’t want to spend a fortune getting into 3D printing, this is not a bad place to start, keeping in mind you can upgrade as you go.


Who is this 3D printer kit not for?

If you or the person you are buying this 3D printer for is in no way technical, then they will struggle with 3D printing generally speaking in my view.  Also do keep in mind that 3D printers have hot plastic, so there are some burn risks if the person using it isn’t careful.


What do I need to supply to be able to use this 3D printer kit?

  • Laptop or PC with USB key slot or micro SD card slot
  • Access to the internet to download required software etc.
  • Facebook account is required to access the support groups
  • A well ventilated area to place the printer, particularly if you’re intending to print the likes of ABS materials.
  • A standard plug socket beside the printer


Additional information

Kit Type

Standard Kit, Kit + value add-on

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